2019 began with me traveling to Guatemala, where I spent a week on a dance retreat overlooking Lake Atitlan. I danced a dance that showed me just how each moment was finite. We began moving alone, getting centered within ourselves. As we moved through space on our own, we were encouraged to meet someone’s eyes as we passed them to acknowledge another life before us. Each new sound and movement we created was a reminder that the heart can practice being open through playfulness in any moment. And this practice of opening honors the nature and human condition of wanting to be seen and felt.

And in an instant, we were guided to end our dance. A salty stream of sorrow escaped me. We have one dance. This is the last women’s night of the year. A time to reflect on how we choose to dance through life. How can we acknowledge the moments we’ve received this year that will never return? How can we reconcile and integrate moments we didn’t want into something new and meaningful? Let’s meet in this moment together.