An experiment in listening and presence.
7 days, 7 albums

No distractions,  just listening.

Each album listened to in completion.

Se01. E01. March 2020

Curated by:

Maija, Lauma, Didzis, Michael, Victor, RR

Saâda Bonaire
Saâda Bonaire
Released 2013


Natalie Merchant
The House Carpenter’s Daughter
Released 2003


Jaymee Franchina & Jeremy Smith
B.I.G. Flume
Released 2013

In Memoriam
Released 1996


Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence
Released 1999


Released 2019

Gaz Coombes
Released 2014


  1. Maija

    First! XD

  2. Michael Holland

    I wasn’t sure how to start so today I just picked an album that I liked the look of , thought about who might have picked the album and listened to B.i.g. Plume. I’d never heard of the artists involved EXCEPT BIGGIE . So I had no idea what to expect , surprising updates on hip hop lyrics . Bright and fun listening . Tomorrow I’ll tackle another album that I’ve never heard of , actually only the one I picked is one that I’ve heard of before so it’s a really nice surprise to be recommended music that could open up new doors of discovery.

  3. RR

    Having mixed feelings about this Saâda Bonaire album.

    Some moments are amazing and then it like becomes a different song.

    Joanna is my favorite track. Very fun.

    Parts of this album made me feel like a hot summer day in a crowded and bustling market.

  4. RR

    7 albums in 7 days is a bit difficult it seems. Managed to listen to a bunch of them while cleaning. Although not sure if that counts as a distraction. Mopping is relatively mindless.


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